Why Early World Nursery

Our philosophy is based upon creating a safe and stimulating nursery environment and on a child’s innate love for learning. We believe children can be taught absolutely anything as long as it is taught in a happy, loving and purposeful environment.


For children

Our nursery embraces a strong holistic approach that ensures the personal, social, physical and academic development of each child. Communication skills are emphasized and opportunities such as eating together with friends in the dining room, small group activities and ‘Show and Tell’ encourage children to relate to one another respectfully, taking turns to listen and share experiences. Children are offered a wide variety of experiences that cover the whole curriculum. .


For parents

We believe that children get the most out of their time at nursery school when parents and the nursery work together in partnership. In order for this to happen there needs to be open communication and trust. To facilitate this, when your child joins us, there is a parent teacher meeting where key information is shared and we get to know your child and their preferences. Communication continues through daily face-to-face contact and a ‘Home School Communication Book’ that is completed each day with highlights of your child’s day as well as their routines are recorded. Regular invitations for you to join your child at nursery allow for you to see them in action and witness their progress first hand.

Linking with the
wider community

Early World Nursery is committed to building and maintain strong links with the community. This includes establishing links with other providers in Abu Dhabi and providing opportunities to share in the best practice in early childhood education.
Our children are also given opportunities to engage with, and learn from, members of the wider community such as nurses, firemen, police and so many more.

 PO Box 44038, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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